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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Rowdy Yogi Posse

Laughter and love filled my home last night as I introduced Zentangle to a posse' of yoga teachers. This was a special group of ladies comprised of six women that recently graduated from the YTT program at State of Grace yoga studio.  As I guided them through the tangles they caught up on each other's lives laughing and comforting as stories and updates were exchanged. 

This was a rowdy bunch of gals! It all started out quiet and full of Zen during our introductions and breathing exercises... Then there was the giggling, belly laughs and the snorting.... It was amazing. 

I still have that smile on my face that finds me each time I have the honor of teaching this practice in patterns. I feel like I made five new friends last night and hope we can gather again soon. 

To my dear friend Emily. Thank you so much for helping me share my passion and introducing me to your circle of friends. 

Love and light 
In this moment. 

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