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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Zentangle has some new fans

Thanks to Andrea and her band of newbie tanglers and of course the seasoned artist Emily! We started with some intro tangles and then they bravely agreed to try tangling on eggs! I learned so much today as a teacher and gained some new friends along the way. Check out their wonderful work! 

Vien is a wonderful tangle to use for first time tangle. Elegant and versitile.

Next we explored Crescent Moon, Printemps, Hollibaugh and the challenging Cubine. 

Lastly we tackled the eggs and found inspiration and perspective in this exploratory exercise. 

Lastly a thank you to the sweet little dogs that serenaded us (snoring and telling stories) while we practiced our art!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

In the moment - Easy to say but....

During a recent class I was talking about how to train yourself to draw more precise lines after a student expressed a little frustration with her work. I talked about keeping your eye on the tip of the pen. " Focus on where you are, not where you are going or where you have been. This helps you land where you want to when you get there. You can see both where you are and your destination when the two points are close enough. "

As I let that hang in the air for a moment people worked at their tiles and I realized that what I had just said applied to the entire focus of my business! " Focus on where you are not where you have been or where you are going." I thought, 'WOW!' Through sharing my passion and helping someone work through a block these words came to me like they were scripted!

Call it kismet or synchronicity, through trusting in the process and doing the work, I found the words that I have been searching for to describe what I want to help people with in my business!

In the moment  is the name of my business and the mission of this journey I am on. I spend so much time, and I know I'm not alone, rushing, planning, worrying and beating myself up for plans that were laid to waste by life as we know it. I want to help people recognize that by stopping and focusing on this moment, where you are, who you are with and what you are doing in that moment can provide so much fullness in your heart. When I am lucky enough to be in this zone I remember these moments with so much more clarity than others that I flew threw worrying about all the things going on around me rather than what I was feeling, seeing, hearing and thinking in that moment.

I hope that by teaching Zentangle and focusing on the meditational side of this practice I can help people find a moment of peace, an hour of satisfaction in a job well done or a feeling of accomplishment when the pieces fall into place just as you dreamed even when you did not know the pieces were there in the first place!

Tangle on!

Love and light


Framily Zentangle night!

The night was cold but the company was on fire! Gathered around my kitchen table was family that are also friends and friends that have become family. Hence... Framily!!
We had a wide breadth of talent around the table with seasoned tanglers and a newbie to add to our little gang. 
Winter has done a number on our vitamin D and our backs but still with my niece reminding me that there is nothing like hurling yourself in the air and falling into a dog bed of snow. Forever a kid she reminds me to chill and not take life so seriously. We started the night with Vein, moved on to some Purk and Mazzinator and finished with my own creation called Asana! This was my first go at teaching Asana and I learned a lot! It's a high focus tangle but lots of variations! I look forward to teaching it again and gathering with my framily again!

Thank you again to my captive audience!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

True North Holistic Center

We Spent the evening finding our way at True North Holistic Center in Hubbardston.  9 beautiful and talented ladies joined me tonight for my Intro to Zentangle class. Laughter and discovery seemed to be our theme. I am alway so amazed to see how each person interprets my guidance!
I want to thank Merry for hosting our Friday night Zentangle explorations! I hope we can gather again soon and discover even more of what this great practice offers!  Enjoy our amazing mosaic from tonight!!