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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hello Winter - Asana

Good Morning Winter!

Well here it is November 16th and it's bitter cold out there in our leaf covered yard. Reminders of our first snow still hanging on in the shadier corners. I'm bundled up by the fire in my favorite spot for writing and tangling. In my quest to be 'In the Moment' I am embracing what mother nature is showing me today. I have much to do and many places to go but for now, I'm just breathing, feeling and looking at what the world and my inner voice has to show me today. Warm tea steams next to me and the smell of onions caramelizing tickle my nose. The hubs is making a tasty breakfast for us this morning.

As I wait breakfast I want to share a tangle I created a few weeks ago that was inspired by yoga. Well really, yoga pants, but still without yoga there would be no yoga pants so.... ; )
I named the tangle Asana which means (loosely) posture or pose in the language of yoga (aka Sanskrit). Yoga has been playing a big part in my life this year. Fun with challenges on Instagram, my practice at home on, classes at local studios, a few Acro workshops with my bestie Emily and watching my dear friend change her life while going through Yoga teacher training. Yoga has proven time and time again that I can be in pain and if I trust in the practice the pain, mental or physical, is calmed and sometimes even goes away.

Zentangle gives me that same benefit in that a period of time spent enjoying some tangles focuses my mind away from the current days stresses, pains, creaks or cranks my body is currently exhibiting. Zentangle is in fact a practice much like yoga. It welcomes you in and surprises you with gifts each time to you explore it. Breath is important in both as is letting go of expectations. In yoga you see some people with their feet literally behind their head or they are in a headstand or twisted into some crazy pose with a big smile on their face. They seem to say 'Hey! wow I'm on my head! How did this happen?'. In Zentangle I have seen pieces that are so creative and unique and often when asked the artist says 'Ya it just kinda happened.' The truth is more often than not, both poses and tangles take care, time and practice to accomplish. The beauty of both is whatever YOU do is your perfect asana. There is no reason to beat ourselves up with comparison when the whole point of both is to FEEL better at the end.
So go forth my yogi's, yogini's and tangler's and get deep into your practice. Accepting what your best is today is the biggest challenge and the greatest reward!

Sending love and light in this moment,


So with that all said, here it is! Asana!
As I play with this tangle I am thrilled with its versatility. Although the original design has two rows pointing up and two rows pointing down it is quickly proving that it can be done in any direction and filled with many different versions of shading, other tangles and coloring in.
The breakout of Asana
The discovery of Asana

Variations of Asana