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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Many fast cars

Dream journal entry 10/23/2014

I was searching a lot with many fast cars. Many beautiful cars. All with their keys hanging invitingly. Which car? Which path? A bird flew overhead and showed me through her eyes that all the cars and all the paths were mine. The paths were lines with trees which I knew were my friends to keep me on track. She flew higher and showed me all the paths lead to peace and the service of love. 
Many fast cars
Many beautiful fast cars
Cars take me on paths 
Which path?
Which beautiful path?
Why not many paths?
I can take them all but carefully and one at an time. 
They are all connected and allow me to move from one to the next and back again. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fun with jellyroll moonlights!

After quite a while working today I allowed myself some play time. Enjoying the colors on a black tile and going with a seasonal theme I ended up with this happy guy! 

In this Moment, 

How do I enjoy this moment

Hello World!

So here I am. All I want is to tangle my brains out but no, to make a business work  you have to ... WORK. Make a business card, finish business school, create a blog and keep it up, market myself so I can share my art and that's just the basics! So I have created this blog to report on progress, share ideas and art and to let you share your thoughts with me. The trick, the goal, is to find joy in what I have to do so the moments I get to chill and do what I want are that much sweeter.

Have you ever wanted something so badly and it seems the moments you have to reach out for that goal get bogged down with 'have to's' like.... setting up a blog. Well I'm going to make it happen anyway. Between my J.O.B., paying the bills, feeding my family and trying to be healthy I am going to get out from under the thumb of what I have created for myself in the last 20 years. I take full responsibility for where I am today and really to be honest it's not a bad place. I currently work with great people in a large company that does pay the bills but I am not doing what I want to do. I want to help people feel happy. No great drama to it. I just want to help add a little calm and focus to this million mile an hour life that we race through. To help friends I make find beauty in each moment because one thing we all know, but I personally lose sight of, is that each moment is precious and fleeting. That sunrise you can pause for ten seconds to appreciate, that silly song a child is singing while you are trying to remember what you needed at the store you don't remember driving to, even the heartbreaking moments that we wish we could skip. Sometimes those moments bring the clarity of what is really important like nothing else. Losing someone, missing something or someone, forces us to stop the race and reflect on what is happening around us. These powerful moments don't need to be the only ones that our hearts feel like they are bursting out of our chest. I want to help friends find a way to have a heart bursting with beautiful emotion through this practice of Zentangle.

Today my joy is creating business cards.... To make business cards I need my blog set up... I could be cranky and feel overwhelmed but I'm going to focus on the fact that I can do these things. I'm able to spend an afternoon snuggled into my couch with my love nearby and nothing but sun shining in my home.

My business name
In the Moment

My mission statement
To bring joy and calm while teaching and sharing the Zentangle method while focusing on living in the moment. I want to help people recognize the beauty of the moment they are in, to love who they are and how they feel right now.

What is the Zentangle Method
Zentangle was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts in Whitinsville Massachusetts. It is a method of drawing in repetitive patterns that allows the artist to explore beauty and discover a meditative state.