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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Sitting here giggling to myself about my word of the day. Abundance. I welcome abundance into my life and release the blocks that I have created that prevent abundance. 

Also. : ))


I mean really where has that silliness been hiding all my life. Go ahead. Try to make your buns dance and not giggle or at least grin. 

Wiggle on my friends. 

Abundance is in you! Especially in your cheeks. 

Love and light In the Moment


Monday, May 18, 2015

Zentangle did its job.

Thanks to all that attended my classe hosted by Jess at Joy They Bring Massage in Douglas. 

As we gathered for class we chatted a bit about our mornings and lamented about plans and life happening in the middle of all that. We settled in to our practice and as we created our tiles Zentangle did its job. Stress left the room and relaxed focus took over. The serene location added beautifully to the practice we explored. 

We started with my favorite first time tangle Munchin to Vein. 

We then created a grouping with crescent moon, flux, Nzepple and, my new tangle, Frogeye. 

We had a stretch and then rounded out class with Betweed. 

I hope to see my new friends again! Once again I headed home with that calm smile that finds me everytime I teach. 

Enjoying this moment,