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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Accidental Ensemble

Tonight at the Vic we had a bit of an accident.... A TOTALLY ROCKIN' ACCIDENT! 
Tonight's focus was the many aspects of shading. We made our way through the lesson plan we marveled at the differences a bit of graphite makes. (Major thanks to my teacher Molly for the amazing lesson plan!) 
We started by doing the same tangle twice but shaded in two different ways using Betweed which is a favorite of mine. We even created the tangle using two different approaches. The first method allowed us to chat and tangle and the second brought a more focused vibe. 

Next we moved on to our ATC tiles using Poke Root, Fife and my new tangle Frogeyes! I have to say it's a bit addictive! I'll be publishing the breakout soon! 
At the end of class we put our tiles together and discovered a flow between the three that we just had to play with. As you can see below Poke Root breaks through the string and goes right to the edge of the tile. This allowed for the flow between the three tiles that you see in the ensemble photograph below. 

I think it kinda rocks!! Enjoy! 

Smiling in this moment.
Love and light. 


  1. Crazy how they fit together! Beautiful

  2. How do I sign up for these classes? Where are they taught?

    1. Hi, Thanks for your interest! I am happy to travel to you but I do teach at the Victorian in Whitinsville and Trus North Holistic Center in Hubbardston. If you are new to Zentangle it's best to start with an intro class and I'd be happy to set one up special for you. Check out the schedule here on my blog and let me know if any of those class times work for you.
      You can email me at or call/text 508-769-0486

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