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Friday, December 12, 2014

Tangled up in holiday spirit

It was like time stood still Thursday night at The Victorian in Whitinsville. My dear friend Elisa and I co-taught a Zentangle inspired ornament class. The home is decorated up in full victorian regalia, a fire warms the library where we gathered for class and as we began class with a few moments of silence to get In The Moment, we pledged to leave the stress of this busy time of year at the door and let go of expectations for the next few hours. We were blessed with an eclectic mix of students from many different walks of life but as always our fascination with all that Zentangle brings provided an instant bond between us.   The beautiful ornaments we ended up with were but the icing on the cake of a night filled with celebration of milestones, ah-HA moments and laughter!  Enjoy the pictures!

Enjoy the moment! 



  1. Sounds so peaceful and the work is beautiful!

  2. Lovely tangles. Did they get an ornament made from their tiles?

    1. We started with the tile to warm up then moved to the six sided twisted one made of paper mâché that we painted. We finished them with glitter Mod Podge and then lastly did Betweed on the ceramic star.